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Clock (no batteries needed)

The idea of building a clock from scratch that can run on its own (without batteries) sounded really interesting. We bought this assembly box set from a shop in Taiwan that claimed to do just that – it’s based on a clock that runs on an escapement sketched by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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I’ve been looking for a workshop to learn how to make shoes, and I was super pleased to find that Leather Espadrilles workshop by Barang Shop.

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Thai food

My best friend and I went on a short trip to Chiangmai to celebrate her upcoming nuptials, and attended a half-day / 6-course Thai food cooking class at Basil Cookery School. Continue reading “Thai food”

Clay Nasi Lemak

My boyfriend booked a class at Tinkle Art Room for me as a surprise when he was away, and to be honest I didn’t quite know what to expect. The idea of how one can use plain white clay to make these miniature plates of food baffled me, and I was looking forward to figuring that out.

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Sometime ago, I was inspired by a DIY wall clock project I came across on pinterest. The writer reassured that it was really simple, so I thought — why not?

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For the month of February, my boyfriend booked another class as part of a Valentine’s Day surprise in Bali. We spent a wonderful morning making batik at Deking Bali.

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My very thoughtful boyfriend booked us a soap-making class at Once Upon a Star as a surprise, as he wanted to help with my goal of making (at least) one thing every month.

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Musical carousel box

During the Christmas season, a good friend asked if I’d like to help build a carousel fair box set she bought. I said, “sure!”, because I love Christmas, carousels, making stuff, and how difficult can assembling be, right? Boy, were we wrong.

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Pencil Skirt

After completing the Dressmaking Weekend course, I was itching to make another piece of garment for myself, and this Ultimate Pencil Skirt workshop looked like a perfect fit!

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