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Concrete vase + planter

The husband found some workshops by Concrete Everything for us over the long National Day weekend, for us to add a bit more colour / life to our home 🙂

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Air Plant Green Wall

My husband chanced upon this Airplant Greenwall workshop at The Green Capsule, and booked it for us, since I hadn’t made plans for a workshop in June, and we were also looking for some greens to add to our home.

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Recycled pallet wood side table

As we continue to furnish our home, we were looking for a side table for our reading corner, and we were excited to come across a workshop with Triple Eyelid to make one out of recycled pallet wood!

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Had a short getaway after our wedding in Hoi An, where the old town is lined with lanterns – we thought we’d make one to bring home!

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Gold wedding rings

I’ve made rings before, and I knew right from then that I wanted to make my own wedding ring. I wasn’t sure if there were places in Singapore that offered such workshops, and was super thankful to come across Fat Anvil Studios!

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Wooden table

I have been following Tombalek for a number of years, since I came across a wooden chair workshop they had. Now that I have my own place, and they came up with a table workshop, I thought it was a perfect time for me to sign up for the workshop.

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I’ve unofficially tried to embroider stuff before, but only basic things like words (and doing it based on logic, without any instructions, so I didn’t know cool stitches). I was delighted to find a complete starter kit on Hoffelt & Hooper Co. while browsing Etsy for random DIY ideas. Even more amazing was that I could customize text on the design! I thought it would be a great project that could be used for my upcoming wedding 🙂 Continue reading “Embroidery”

Fallen Trees Resin + Wood Jewellery

I fell in love with Amado Gudek’s Fallen Trees jewellery collection when I first saw it in 2016, and I got a pair of earrings for myself back then. I remembered asking if there was a workshop where I could learn to make them, but Elaine, the founder of the brand said she didn’t have one at that moment. A few years on, she started Resin Play, and I joined a workshop to make Resin Seascape jewellery. To my excitement, she recently organized a class to make Fallen Trees jewellery ❤

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Ferris wheel musical globe

Was wondering how to celebrate the milestone of turning thirty, and decided that it would be fun to do something with my hands. Thank goodness my dexterity and eyesight were reasonably still in place, and we pulled through to finish this musical globe kit. Continue reading “Ferris wheel musical globe”

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