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Leather Sandals

I was in Hong Kong for a week for work, and wanted to sneak in a workshop during my time there. Leather came to mind, as the first workshop which inspired me to continue on my hand-made hobby was in Hong Kong when I made my first leather wallet. I googled and came across Fungus Workshop – a quaint little workshop hidden on the western side of Hong Kong Island.

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The boyfriend booked me a candle making workshop at To Be Calm for Valentine’s Day because I’ve been too busy this year to meet my goals to make stuff. Continue reading “Candle”

Clock (no batteries needed)

The idea of building a clock from scratch that can run on its own (without batteries) sounded really interesting. We bought this assembly box set from a shop in Taiwan that claimed to do just that – it’s based on a clock that runs on an escapement sketched by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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I’ve been looking for a workshop to learn how to make shoes, and I was super pleased to find that Leather Espadrilles workshop by Barang Shop.

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Thai food

My best friend and I went on a short trip to Chiangmai to celebrate her upcoming nuptials, and attended a half-day / 6-course Thai food cooking class at Basil Cookery School. Continue reading “Thai food”

Clay Nasi Lemak

My boyfriend booked a class at Tinkle Art Room for me as a surprise when he was away, and to be honest I didn’t quite know what to expect. The idea of how one can use plain white clay to make these miniature plates of food baffled me, and I was looking forward to figuring that out.

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Sometime ago, I was inspired by a DIY wall clock project I came across on pinterest. The writer reassured that it was really simple, so I thought — why not?

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For the month of February, my boyfriend booked another class as part of a Valentine’s Day surprise in Bali. We spent a wonderful morning making batik at Deking Bali.

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My very thoughtful boyfriend booked us a soap-making class at Once Upon a Star as a surprise, as he wanted to help with my goal of making (at least) one thing every month.

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