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Ferris wheel musical globe

Was wondering how to celebrate the milestone of turning thirty, and decided that it would be fun to do something with my hands. Thank goodness my dexterity and eyesight were reasonably still in place, and we pulled through to finish this musical globe kit. Continue reading “Ferris wheel musical globe”


Visited the dreamy Studio Ghibli museum in Tokyo, and brought home a little DIY sewing kit to create my own Totoro!

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Butter and Ice Cream

During our roadtrip around Hokkaido, it was only fitting that we spend some time with the famous Hokkaido cows and related products – we found the Watanabetaiken Experience Farm where we got to try just that!

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Shiroi Koibito Cookies

During my time in Sapporo, Japan, we visited the 白い恋人 / Shiroi Koibito Park (one of the most well-loved snacks from Japan), and my partner booked us a short cookie-making workshop as a surprise! We couldn’t make the actual famous Shiroi Koibito cookies, but well, any cookies are better than no cookies πŸ˜‰

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Resin jewellery

I was following Amado Gudek for its beautiful jewellery ( I got a pair of earrings from their Fallen Trees project), and had asked if they conducted workshops. The founder said unfortunately no back then, but a year or so later, I saw that she had set up Resin Play and I couldn’t wait to sign up for a workshop.

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Leather ballet flats

I first came across Hong Kong-based Shoe Artistry’s classes earlier last year, but the timings didn’t work out (I even made reached out when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year) – super glad that they had a series of workshops in Singapore recently.

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Wooden Ukulele

I was spending a week in Shanghai with my sister, and was looking for a craft workshop to join. By some stroke of luck, a search on baidu returned a workshop to make a Ukulele.

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Leather Sandals

I was in Hong Kong for a week for work, and wanted to sneak in a workshop during my time there. Leather came to mind, as the first workshop which inspired me to continue on my hand-made hobby was in Hong Kong when I made my first leather wallet. I googled and came across Fungus Workshop – a quaint little workshop hidden on the western side of Hong Kong Island.

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The boyfriend booked me a candle making workshop at To Be Calm for Valentine’s Day because I’ve been too busy this year to meet my goals to make stuff. Continue reading “Candle”

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