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Picnic bag

I made this picnic bag as part of a little project done at the last bit of the Intro to Sewing class at Sew Over It. Continue reading “Picnic bag”

Wooden spatula

As I continue on my journey to seek out workshops – wood was the next material to come to mind (after metal, cloth, paper. What else is there?). I found a wood whittling intro workshop at The Green Wood Guild in London. Continue reading “Wooden spatula”

Tote Bag + Lined zipped bag

I made the cutest beagle tote bag & lined zipped bag as part of the Intro to Sewing course at Sew Over It. This was part of the same 2-day course where I made a cushion cover.

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Lamp + Terrarium

My partner planned a surprise for me back when we were still just getting to know each other – he booked a lovely workshop to make a Lamp & Terrarium at Make Your Own because he found out that I love making stuff.

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I found Suho Paper Memorial Museum when I was planning for my first solo trip to Taiwan back in 2013. At that point, I had already started getting interested in workshops / experiences when I travel, and I was glad to find a place where I could learn to make paper.

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Cushion cover

I picked up a little bit of sewing during a brief stint in London. I loved how I went home after every lesson with a little item I made, and they got progressively more challenging / personalized. The first thing I made was this cushion cover with an adorable print.

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Möbius ring

I made a silver Möbius ring (from a piece of metal) at Kinjo in Taipei. This was my first time working with metal & fire (some blow torch like thing), and it wasn’t quite as intimidating as it sounds.

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Long leather wallet

This lovely wallet was the outcome of my “first” foray into making something for myself back in 2012 (“first” in inverted commas because we’ve obviously made other things back in the day during D&T & Home Economics classes, but that’s another story. Now I’m making stuff that I actually like / will possibly use).

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Hello, fellow maker.


You must be here because you were looking for workshops / classes / things to make, or maybe you were just being a supportive friend.

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