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Circle Skirt + Shift Dress

After completed the intro to sewing course, I moved on to taking classes which allowed me to make my own clothes (woohoo!), starting with this Dressmaking Weekend at Sew Over It, where I learnt how to make a skirt and a dress.

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Small leather goods

After being away for a long time, I finally managed to find some time with the best friend and we chose to spend it at a leather workshop at Bynd Artisan.

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Paper Quilling

I’ve never heard of paper quilling before this – in fact, when my partner planned this as a surprise for me and when I arrived at the venue, I was thinking “what is this??”. And so I started with a little bit of skepticism but ended it with so much engagement and enthusiasm and continued building on my piece even after heading home.

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Picnic bag

I made this picnic bag as part of a little project done at the last bit of the Intro to Sewing class at Sew Over It. Continue reading “Picnic bag”

Wooden spatula

As I continue on my journey to seek out workshops – wood was the next material to come to mind (after metal, cloth, paper. What else is there?). I found a wood whittling intro workshop at The Green Wood Guild in London. Continue reading “Wooden spatula”

Tote Bag + Lined zipped bag

I made the cutest beagle tote bag & lined zipped bag as part of the Intro to Sewing course at Sew Over It. This was part of the same 2-day course where I made a cushion cover.

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Lamp + Terrarium

My partner planned a surprise for me back when we were still just getting to know each other – he booked a lovely workshop to make a Lamp & Terrarium at Make Your Own┬ábecause he found out┬áthat I love making stuff.

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I found Suho Paper Memorial Museum when I was planning for my first solo trip to Taiwan back in 2013. At that point, I had already started getting interested in workshops / experiences when I travel, and I was glad to find a place where I could learn to make paper.

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Cushion cover

I picked up a little bit of sewing during a brief stint in London. I loved how I went home after every lesson with a little item I made, and they got progressively more challenging / personalized. The first thing I made was this cushion cover with an adorable print.

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