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Upcycled dress (add a hem!)

In a bid to be more environmentally-friendly, I have been trying to minimize buying new things where I can. This Chinese New Year, I challenged myself not to buy anything brand new (it used to be a tradition to buy new clothes to wear during this festive season), but still come up with new outfits.

One of the ideas I had was to add a little something to an old clothing piece I had but never wore much!

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I came across a Makers’ Market which had a number of workshops – and the Kalimba workshop conducted by Roger&Sons caught my eye!

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Paper Polar Bear Sculpture

My sister just relocated to Hong Kong for work, and I was visiting. She was looking for some more permanent company in her apartment, and was inspired to make a polar bear after seeing it at her friend’s place. I was enlisted to put him together during my week there.

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I was in Bangkok for a work trip, and was looking to try out a new craft on one of the evenings. I was super happy to chance upon The Loom, which offered weaving workshops!

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How my curiosity for craft and workshops changed my life

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Mindfulness beads

My friend and I were looking to do something mindfulness-related for my birthday, given some recent realizations / reflections amidst the insane rush of life.

By a stroke of coincidence, my boss told me about Shan Living, started by his friend, and they had a workshop that had a mix of meditation and making something, which was a perfect fit for me!

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Concrete vase + planter

The husband found some workshops by Concrete Everything for us over the long National Day weekend, for us to add a bit more colour / life to our home 🙂

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Air Plant Green Wall

My husband chanced upon this Airplant Greenwall workshop at The Green Capsule, and booked it for us, since I hadn’t made plans for a workshop in June, and we were also looking for some greens to add to our home.

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Recycled pallet wood side table

As we continue to furnish our home, we were looking for a side table for our reading corner, and we were excited to come across a workshop with Triple Eyelid to make one out of recycled pallet wood!

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